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Closet Organizers From Kobyco

We’ve been remodeling for more than 40 years now and in that time we’ve been able to give our homeowners what they want. In the beginning we were providing and installing the best energy efficient windows and doors for residents in Freeport, IL and surrounding areas. We haven’t stopped either. We have expanded our home remodeling products to include closet organizers and more. Our closet organizers help to keep your beautiful home a place of retreat and as spacious as it can be. We’re homeowners, too and we know what you want.

Kobyco’s beautiful laminate closet organizers take your shelving to a new level of beauty and convenience. Your closet, whatever the size can be transformed into an aesthetically pleasing space that will make you glad you allowed us to do the job for you. And that’s not all we can do when it comes to storage and organizing.

Organizers For Your Garage or Office

We can also design durable storage and work areas for your garage. It would be wonderful for the garage to open and you can park the car(s) in a well-organized and neat space. You’ll be able to get to those tools without ransacking the entire place looking for a wrench. You son’s Lacrosse equipment will always be in the right place, especially when he has to get to practice quickly. Your daughter will be able to find her skates and batons easily. Just think of it—organized to the max!

We’ve got even more where storage solutions are concerned. Your spouse is an author or runs his or her business from a home office. We have a line of Italian-made home office cabinetry for work stations and storage. Our home office cabinetry has the look and feel of solid hardwood.

You like what we have to offer, but wonder can you truly afford it for that Freeport home of yours. Yes, you can. Our closet organizers are very affordable. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how affordable an organized closet really is! And you’ll love how beautiful and elegant our organizers will make your closet.

Visit Our Showroom

Just visit our showroom and let our sales people begin the process of getting your organized. They will help you determine the right space solutions for your home. We’re right in Loves Park, which is a relaxing drive from where you live in Freeport. We’re sure that other of your neighbors have already cruised into our showroom to get their closet solutions. Our doors are already open waiting for you, too.

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