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Closet Organizers from Kobyco

Your best friend Harvard, IL neighbor who you’ve known for years has just given you a tour of his or her new and improved walk-in closet. They are thrilled with their results and you are envious of it. You ask them, “Who did this for you?”  They immediately say, “Oh you know the place, Kobyco, right over there in Loves Park.” Then you say, “Wow, it’s beautiful. It cost a fortune didn’t it?” They laugh and say, not at all. It was very affordable.”  Now you’re sold by their testimony about us. But there’s nothing like your own experience of getting our closet organizers in your own home.

So, don’t wait. Take that relaxing drive to our showroom so we can let you see just what we can do for you. Don’t be surprised when you find out we have just what you need for your closet solutions. We can show you and help design your closet makeover. What’s most pleasing is that you’ll find that you can easily afford what you want.

For More Then Just Closets

We have beautiful laminate closet organizers that will transform your simple closet into a thing of beauty and convenience.  You will sigh happily as you finally get your dream closet.  We don’t stop there either. That’s not the end of the story, it’s only the beginning.

We can design durable storage and work areas for your garage, meaning that finally, tools, lawn equipment, storage boxes and more can occupy the garage along with the cars. That’s nice.

We can even transform your home office with our line of Italian-made home office cabinetry for work stations and storage.  Our home office cabinetry has the look and feel of solid hardwood.  You’ll love it.

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Now, you don’t have to wish you had your closets, garage or home office organized like your neighbor’s. We will help you design your storage spaces to be uniquely you. Then when family and friends and neighbors come to your Harvard home, they will ask you, “Who did this for you?” You’ll immediately say, “Oh you know the place, Kobyco, right over there in Loves Park. Just call them.”

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