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DuraShade is Kobyco’s solar screen solution for homeowners living in Rockford, Loves Park, Belvedere, Roscoe, and Rockton. You may order both interior and exterior solar screens to cut heat gain, provide privacy, and to protect from insects. Kobyco’s DuraShade exterior screens can close in an open porch with an existing roof to change it into a screened enclosure.  That solar screen solution immediately adds footprint to your home and it also adds value.

Kobyco’s unique E3500 system locks screen fabric into a side track to prevent fabric “sailing”, and it enables us to construct screen systems up to 18′ wide! These screens are raised and lowered manually or motorized.

Selecting Kobyco’s interior screens have the benefits of providing protection from harmful UV rays and lowers solar heat gain where large glass areas exist. Open weave fabrics are available for solar control; and blackout fabric for total light isolation with manual or motorized operation.

Kobyco Inc. lets you choose from several solar screen solutions:

Pinnacle – A retractable awning to cover pergolas or glass roofs in sunrooms and atriums. You can utilize a frame support system to cover an outside area in sizes up to 16′ wide by 16′ deep. The Pinnacle retractable awning is desirable when you have high winds, and still want to keep the awning extended for long periods of time. Motor drives control this awning’s operations.

 Gennius – This solar screen style is a self-contained structure that is mounted to your house or other building structure.  It offers protection from the sun and the rain. The PVC-coated fabric is waterproof so it protects your area from water. You can order units in a three bay configuration up to 42’8″ wide and projections up to 26’3″. Optional LED lighting and built-in speakers offer light and sound when the awning is extended.

Gallery – Covers expansive areas both residential and commercial. It is waterproof and can be used in restaurants, bars, cafes, and country clubs to close in an exterior area. We can combine the retractable motor-driven covering with either side retractable screens or clear vinyl “windows” to form a weather-tight structure. The outside area can be open when weather permits and enclosed during less than perfect conditions. The Gennius and Gallery are two truly unique products available ONLY from Durasol and custom-designed and built for your application.

 Tempo – A free standing and self-supporting structure ideal for an area where it is impossible to mount to a house or building for support. Great for covering an area by the pool and gives you up to 360-square feet of shaded living space utilizing two of any of our retractable awnings attached to a center support structure. All of our fabrics and manual or motor drives are available (electric service needs to be accessible).

The obvious choice for interior and exterior solar screen solutions is Kobyco Inc.  As homeowners ourselves we can help you choose the shading products and systems that work for you.  Visit our showroom for more details.  And we’ll have you covered in no time.