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  • Kobyco - Interior Doors Rockton IL

You’re a homeowner in Rockton, IL and you have decided that you are going to have new interior doors and trim done in your Rockton home and you want someone that you can trust to do it for you. It just so happens that you can safely put your interior remodeling projects into the capable and trustworthy hands of Kobyco, Inc.  Kobyco is in Loves Park, just about 20 minutes from where you live. They have been successfully remodeling homes in Rockton and surrounding areas for almost 40 years. The good thing about being in business 40 years is that Kobyco’s good name has continued throughout all of those years.  Here are some more good reasons for trusting Kobyco with your interior doors and trim:

  • From its earliest beginnings, Kobyco has been supplying and expertly installing interior doors. So, you know they are experienced in the quality of materials that Rockton residents want.
  • Kobyco doors are made of Birch, Maple, Poplar, Red Oak, Cherry or knotty Pine. We’ve also got a Medium Density Fiberboard line of doors. Whatever your style, we’ve got a door to complement it: fancy raised panel doors and French door designs or smooth flush plain doors. We’ll also finish the doors in colors to match your interior trim.
  • Kobyco is a local home remodeling company and they have had wonderful relationships with other Rockton homeowners down through the years.
  • As industry leaders in Rockton and surrounding areas, Kobyco is the right contractor for your interior doors and trim as well as any other remodeling you desire for your Rockton residence.

So, Rockton people join other homeowners where you live who have already found out that Kobyco is the only company with a 40 year reputation of satisfied customers and is located just a few minutes from where you live.   You can visit our showroom or go to our website and view our gallery. Then it will be easy for you to trust us with your interior door and trim remodel.  We’re homeowners and satisfying Rockton residents is our only concern.