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Kobyco is your official provider of Pergola Roofs and Pergola Louvered Roof Systems!

Kobyco is your official Pergola Roof dealer and you can always trust us to handle any Pergola Louvered Roof system installation! We’ve  teamed up with Rain-Out to bring to you the exclusive powder-coated extruded aluminum Sundance Louvered Roof–a trendsetting new upgraded and updated louvered roof  or pergola roof system that is exploding all across the United States and Canada.  We’re also very  proud to release our new Motorized Adjustable Sundance Louvered Roof system as well. Talk to our design experts today to start your dream Pergola Roof project!

How does it work?

Understanding how Sundance Louvered Roofs and Pergola Roofs works is simple and easy to explain. Take a look:

    • The heavy duty extruded powder-coated aluminum Louvers fit between extruded aluminum 2×8 beams and are supported by extruded aluminum 6×6 posts.

    • The Louvers are attached to ball bearing rollers that rotate the Louvers by use of a Remote Controlled Motor.

    • The Louvers open and close with the push of a button.  When the Louvers are closed they route water into the extruded gutters that are attached to the beams and down the inside of the 6×6 support posts.  When the Louvers are open they allow through any amount of sunlight or shade that you desire.

12 Pergola Roof Advantages

1. Large volume gutter with 2 levels of LED Light Shelves for ambient and functional lighting.

2. 6”x6” heavy duty extruded aluminum posts which also serve as down spouts.

3. 2”x8” heavy duty extruded aluminum beams for longer spans between posts.

4. 160° louver opening to allow more sun or shade, or to keep the rain and snow out.

5. Designer heavy duty extruded aluminum gutter (crown molding style).

6. Gutter screen for clog-free gutters, designed specifically for Sundance Louvered Roofs.

7. Double skin insulated Louvers to reduce heat transfer below the cover.

8. Four structural extruded girders inside the Louver and 2 vertical stabilizers outside the Louver to give the longest span and stronger snow load capacity!

9. Beautiful, flat, tongue-and-groove style finished patio ceiling when Louvers are closed.

10. Weather stripping to ensure water tight application and quieter operation when closing Louvers.

11. Ball bearing rotation mechanisms for low friction, allowing 1 motor to operate a larger sq ft of Louvers.

12. IP-65 (waterproof) motor for use in any climate.

Talk to a design expert today and let’s build something great together!