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Replacement Windows from Kobyco

We’ve been in business for more than 40 years; and in that time we have offered the finest models and styles in replacement windows to all of our clients here in Illinois. We know that a beautiful home deserves beautiful windows to compliment its interior and its exterior.   When you choose us we’ll show you that we have just the windows that you need to transform your home inside and outside into the jewel you have always envisioned.

Since our beginnings, we have expanded our reputation and superior quality products and expert installation even into Wisconsin. Our customers in Beloit, WI got the word that we are just about 25 minutes away from them and that we have the best window solutions that they can choose from.  We have a huge selection of wood and vinyl windows that you need to add aesthetic beauty to your home.  But installing our windows on your homes does more than just beautify it.  Our windows add value to your home.

Wood and Vinyl Windows

You can choose our vinyl replacement windows for your Beloit home because of the minimal upkeep of our expertly installed vinyl windows. They actually require very little else besides an occasional cleaning. Vinyl is designed not to peel, crack or fade.

Are you a wood window person? Many of our Beloit, WI customers are. Wood windows have maintained their popularity throughout the years. One reason is because of the natural insulation that the product provides along with the ease of obtaining it. We’re sure you’ll love our wood replacement window! Our elegant and low maintenance wood windows offer the best of both worlds. Our line of windows features the quality and durability of fusion-welded vinyl on the outside and the beauty and versatility of wood on the interior side. This unique blend of materials includes stains for the interior side that are available in stain grade pine, oak or maple.

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Kobyco has been satisfying Illinois homeowners with  superior quality windows. In our 40+ year existence we’ve had the privilege of doing the same for our customers in Beloit, WI and surrounding areas. It’s a wonderful choice for you to choose us as your remodeler for your home projects. We’re just about 25 minutes away from you there in Wisconsin. So, you can see the benefit of having a local home remodeling company work for you. You’ll get the best customer support along with the finest products and installation. You can always get hold of us, too.  We are sure we have what you want.

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