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Replacement Windows from Kobyco

For more than 40 years now we have offered the best superior quality replacement windows to all of clients and it’s all because we know that a your beautiful Freeport home deserves beautiful windows to compliment its interior and its exterior.   So, you can be sure that we have the windows that you need to transform your home inside and outside into the envy of your neighborhood.

Wood and Vinyl Replacement Windows

We have wood replacement windows to satisfy you, and we have vinyl replacement windows to suit you. Our replacement windows are great insulators and energy efficient.

Our vinyl replacement windows will keep the heat in during cold winter days. In fact, ask about our options of multiple layers and configurations of Low E glass with either Argon or Krypton gas for the highest insulating efficiency in the industry, when you call us or visit our showroom.

Our elegant and low maintenance wood windows offer the best of both worlds. Our line of windows features the quality and durability of fusion-welded vinyl on the outside and the beauty and versatility of wood on the interior side. This unique blend of materials includes stains for the interior side that are available in stain grade pine, oak or maple. 

Kobyco has standard and custom colors to match any siding, brick or stone house exterior. Our standard windows are built to order for new construction and we can custom build for any remodeling plan.  We can match almost any grid pattern or design pattern for your new windows. As added assurance when purchasing and installing our windows, you will be excited to know that the work is done by our experienced and highly trained and bonded crews. Our customer representatives and sales persons will help you decide that we are the only choice for your home remodeling projects and replacing your windows in particular.

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Visit our showroom and you’ll see clearly that our replacement windows are just what you need for your home there in Freeport. We are sure that some of your neighbors’ homes have our windows on them. We’re local and we do windows in Freeport, South Beloit, Rochelle, Harvard, and also in Beloit, WI. We’re homeowners and we know how to make your home shine brightly in the neighborhood.

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