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Vinyl Replacement Windows

Our vinyl replacement windows will look as good ten years from now as they do on the day they are installed on your home.  Our installed replacement window has a high quality finish when on your Rochelle home is just one advantage for choosing our vinyl replacement windows.  Here are a few more reasons for choosing our vinyl replacement windows:

  • They are great insulators and energy efficient; and our vinyl replacement windows will keep the heat in during cold winter days. In fact, ask about our options of multiple layers and configurations of Low E glass with either Argon or Krypton gas for the highest insulating efficiency in the industry, when you call us or visit our showroom.
  • Kobyco’s vinyl replacement windows are impressive as you will immediately notice how they improve your home’s air conditioning system when the summers are long and hot!
  • Our virtually maintenance free vinyl replacement windows require only periodic cleaning with either vinyl window cleaner or soap and water.
  • Our efficient vinyl windows will never warp, peel or rot.

Wood Replacement Windows

Our wood windows are the most beautiful replacement windows when installed on your home.  The wood windows that we supply are like no other wood replacement window because they are a unique blend of wood and vinyl. The finished product will make an aesthetic statement that is far above any other replacement window.  Our wood windows give that custom look that higher end houses need to add value and even for resale.

Our elegant and low maintenance wood windows offer the best of both worlds. Kobyco’s line of windows features the quality and durability of fusion-welded vinyl on the outside and the beauty and versatility of wood on the interior side. This unique blend of materials includes stains for the interior side that are available in stain grade pine, oak or maple. This combination of window provides a choice of standard and custom exterior colors that let you match any siding, brick or stone. This exciting duo of wood replacement windows makes maintenance easy, as wood only requires periodic staining and vinyl is virtually maintenance free.

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