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  • Kobyco - Retractable Awnings Roscoe IL

When our Roscoe homeowners purchase Kobyco Inc. retractable awnings for their homes, they are not just simply purchasing a shade for the patio or back porch.  Roscoe residents buy priceless time for their families any day or evening of the week.  There is nothing like a nice shaded area to relax and have a cool refreshing drink and family conversation.  Maybe the kids and you sit outside under our awnings and play a rousing and exciting board game or video game.  Whatever the event, you can be sure a Kobyco retractable awning keeps the family shaded from scorching sun and mild rainfall long enough to enjoy themselves outside.

Kobyco Inc. knows and appreciates the fact that your home is the place to unwind.  That’s why we have a great selection of retractable awnings made of superior fabric and appealing features just for your home’s exterior:

  • Regal – Our entry level awning. Frame structure available in white or sand, in widths from 6′ 1″ to 23′ and projections out to 11’4″. It comes with an eight-year warranty on the framework components.
  • Elite – Framework colors white, brown, ivory, sand, or six premium custom colors. Widths from 7′ to 46′, projections up to 13’6″! The Elite features our adjustable “R-Pitch” shoulder for a 50-degree pitch adjustment, so you can lower one side to drain in light rain conditions or lower the pitch for solar control. An optional drop valance is available up to 24′ wide on projections up to 11’9″ for complete solar control on west-facing areas. Framework carries a limited lifetime warranty.
  • Triumph – Commercially-rated awning with framework colors in white or sand, widths from 15’6″ to 30′, and projections from 13’5″ to 15’11”. Drop valances are available up to 24′ wide. Framework features a 12-year warranty.
  • Bella – A semi-cassette-type awning where the fabric is concealed and protected. Available in widths from 6’8″ to 30′ and projections up to 13’6″. Features a unique, patented “tipping” system that maintains a tight seal on the fabric when retracted. The top of the fabric cassette has a sweeping system that cleans the fabric of debris as it retracts. Frame colors are white, brown, ivory, sand, or six premium custom colors. Framework features a limited lifetime warranty.
  • CarinaThe Carina’s fabric is completely enclosed and protected, perfect for roof-mount applications. Frame colors are white, brown, ivory, sand, or six premium custom colors. Sizes range from 4’2″ to 21′ wide and projections up to 13’6″. Framework warranty is 12 years.

 Additionally, all awnings can be operated manually or with a motor drive—a handy, hand-held remote control operates the motor drive units. We’ve got hundreds of fabric choices and patterns.  The hard part is going to be choosing the right awing for your home when you visit our showroom.  But, our trained and knowledgeable sales people will be there to help you make the right decision for your Roscoe home.  We’re homeowners with families, too. We know what you want.